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Personal attacks

  1. "For the benefit of the brain-dead medical scientism people (who obviously exist only in my own mind), I should clarify a few of my previous comments." on Talk:Medical Scientism
  2. "RK proves once again, that he/it cannot read!" from Talk:Alternative medicine
  3. "Allopathy Mainly because [Allopathic Medicine] is horribly incomplete and was taken over by some homeopathy fanatic from India (who ain't too bright)." on User:Mr-Natural-Health
  4. "You guys are nothing but a bunch of thugs." on Talk:Alternative medicine (December)
  5. "Are, you just a confused puppy, RK? Or, are you simply totally inconsistent in your beliefs?" on User talk:RK (January)
  6. "And, political Jews who do not believe in God are racists in my opinion, too." on User talk:RK (January)
  7. "So, I had to work with one of your cronies." on Wikipedia:Conflicts between users
  8. "So, who is the Liar and the person totally ignorant of the facts, and who owns viewpoints at least 30 years out of date, fossil?" on Wikipedia:Conflicts between users
  9. "Hello, RK. Have you always suffered from mental illness and perceptual problems?" in the edit summary of a change to Alternative Medicine, as
  10. "All you editors are really, really, really quite stupdig [sic]. You get what you pay, and Wikipedia certainly proves this maxim." on User talk: when asked not to make personal attacks.
  11. "My initial experiences with Wikipedia is that busy-bodies attempted to edit my articles before I even completed them!!!" on User:Mr-Natural-Health
  12. "Are you dense, or are you just not too bright?" on Talk:Alternative medicine against user:David Gerard.
  13. "Excuse me Troll, but adding material is not moving matieral. [...] Just thought that a Troll like you might want to know." on User talk:RickK
  14. "I define a Troll as a person who wastes another person's time over absolutely nothing. What have you done other than to waste my time? I thought so." on User talk:MykReeve

Potential threats (implicit)

  • "Mr-Natural-Health, The German Nazi from New York. I am proud of my German heritage, how about you?" on User talk:RK. This is a threat (albeit implicit) because RK is a Jew living in NY.


  • "You know Adam as well as I do that my next edit / or original article will be even more traumatic to the Medical Scientism people. So, stay tuned in. PS: I do not believe in Alternative Medicine. Nor, do I promote it. I just love playing with the Medical Scientism people." on Talk:Medical Scientism
  • "Alternative Medicine I cleaned up this article. I removed the anti-bias and made it pro-alternative medicine." on User:Mr-Natural-Health
  • "Never fear, I will be back even if I have to change my ISP every month." (editing while not logged in:


  • Both Daniel Quinlan and Camembert blocked him for vandalism while editing as

Blanking talk pages